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If You Need Keys, You Need To Swing By Pacific Beach Lock & Safe Today.


Specializing in all types of keys, from the most basic keys for simple locks to automotive, electronic and computer chip keys, our professional and experienced staff will help you find the exact keys you need.


If you need copies, we’ve got you covered. Locked out of your car? We’re there. And if you’ve recently moved or need your locks re-keyed, we can work with you on those projects as well.

  • Car Keys and Remotes

  • Auto Lock-Outs

  • Electronic Keys

  • Digital Locks

  • Home Locks

  • High Security Locks

  • Padlocks

  • Re-Keying/Masterkeying

  • Lock Installation & Repairs

Protect Yourself, Your Family And Your Property With Sturdy Locks.

  • Keys Made, Copied, Originated

  • Lost safe combinations restored

  • Panic Bars, Exit Device & ADA Hardware

  • Vending Machine Locks

  • Broken keys removed/restored

  • File Cabinet and Desk Locks

  • Electronic Buzzer Systems & Intercoms

  • Decorative Hardware

  • Door Guards and Security Plates

Dependable locks are critical to your home and office security. As your first line of defense against intruders, the importance of sturdy locks cannot be overstated.


When a family member loses a key to the house and you are worried about security, we know that too many people run over to the big home centers to purchase new locks.

This can be expensive, time consuming and foolish.  More often than not, the new locks at these centers are very inferior to the existing locks already on your doors.

Home center style locks are NOT designed for dependability and strength.  They are designed with a low price in mind.  Locks are graded by industry standards.  Grade 2 locks are designed for light commercial or residential service.  Grade 3 locks are usually imported from overseas factories and sold in bulk at discount club warehouses or home centers.  These locks are cheaply made and do not have the anti-theft features that a Grade 2 lock has.  You get what you pay for even though these cheap locks may look similar to a higher grade lock.

Please let us rekey your existing locks.  We guarantee  that your old keys will NOT work anymore and you can keep your security by keeping your quality locks.

The cost to rekey versus replace will save you money.  You can bring the locks to our shop or our mobile service units can come to you.


We specialize in commercial grade hardware and can provide and install all the ADA hardware you may need for your commercial property.

Lever Locks, Panic Bars, Door Closers, Electrified Hardware, Key Switches, Fire Exit Devices, Coordinators, Cylinder and Door Guards are kept in stock and available for fast installation.


We stock and can quickly install or convert your hardware to High-Security.  By doing so, you can control who can copy your keys or gain access to your property.  Since even other locksmiths can't copy the keys we have, you know that your employees can't get your keys copied either.  Another locksmith can't even open the door except by destroying the lock if called out by the ex-employee.  (This happens very often)

If you need to let go of a bad employee, just get their key back.  You know that they don't have any copies---so there is no need to change the locks.

We specialize in this area and invite you to see our "High-Security" section of the website or to call us to learn more.

If you need the new SDGE VTQP Quad keys or locks, we can help.  We are an authorized dealer for these products and service.


Every home or business needs a safe.

BEFORE you buy a safe from a home center of discount store, please visit our showroom or call us.


We have a nice showroom filed with the right safes for your needs.

Safes are NOT created equal and even though they seem to have the same features.  It is what you can't see that makes the difference.

Fire safes generally have paper thin metal so it won't absorb heat.  This fact makes it easy to pry open with a large screwdriver.

Burglary safes have thick plate steel sides and doors but they are a heat magnet and your contents might burn up in a fire.

Composite safes offer protection from fire and burglary but you won't find these safes at the discount clubs or home centers.

Even if you don't buy from us, we are happy to help you select the proper safe.  Just call!

We move all safes and open them when they fail or you lost the combination.

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Automotive keys are no longer $3.00.  (well, some are)

The newer keys can cost $300.00 or more at the car dealership. Generally keyless Fob remotes are provided on almost every new car.  We can save you a lot of money if you need a new or replacement key or remote  We can cut and program most of these transponder  (computer chip) keys even if the dealer tells you that only they can do it.  Please call us first and we will guide you to the best solution even if you have a car that we are not able to help you with.

Please see our "Computer Chip Keys and Remotes" section on this website.


If you find yourself locked out of your house, office, car, storage unit or safe, we can get you back in.  We can usually pick the lock which causes NO damage to your locks.

Sometimes, there is no choice but to drill out the lock.  As this is normally a rare occurrence, we will discuss this option with you first and present a plan to replace the lock at the least expensive or the best way to restore your security.


BMW lockouts are trouble.

Most good locksmiths can't open these cars, especially when the keys are locked in the trunk.  We have seen many cars damaged  from locksmiths or automobile clubs that tried too hard to get in. We are different!  We have been to the BMW factory in Germany and know many scratch-free ways to get you back in.  We even make our own tools that no one else has. Please call us BEFORE calling anyone else. There is a timer circuit that you need to know about before allowing anyone to open the car.


Call today for all of your locksmith needs.




Are you a Landlord with a problem tenant?

We specialize in working with the Sheriff Department in aiding them to gain access to the property.

There are many, many laws regarding evictions and you want to make sure you follow each law and precaution with care.

After you file with the court and an appointment is made with the Court Service Deputies, we will arrive early on the service date to greet them.   Once  they have cleared the area, we can change the locks.  Most always, the appointments are early in the mornings and getting there can be hard.  We can sign the paperwork for you if you can't be at the property when they arrive.

Changing the locks protects against the bad tenant from getting back in and it protects the new renter too.


We do mailboxes too.

We do everything from replacing lost keys to replacing old, ugly, and damaged mailbox units for commercial properties and HOA's.  Repairs and service can eliminate the need of replacing these Cluster Box Units (CBU).  We work with the US Postal Service to insure that they know what changes are being made and for installation of their special locks that are always required for mail delivery.  Please go to our Mail Box Medic section to learn more of what we can do to help you in this area.


We are committed to providing all the above services in a timely manner and at reasonable rates.

Be wary of locksmiths that claim that they can do the job much faster or much less money.  These crooked operators are NOT going to give you what they promise.  They are crooks. Crooks do not tell the truth.  Please visit our "How to Tell if Your Locksmith is Licensed" section of this website BEFORE you have ANY locksmith come out.  Do not let yourself be scammed! ALL locksmiths in the State of California have to have a license or permit. BEFORE letting any locksmith in your house or business, check their license!!!

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Authorized Locksmith


Proximity or Prox Cards and Fobs are used in access control applications.

Locks or readers are programmed to accept or deny access to those that have these individual fobs.

Until now, if your apartment, condo, parking lot manager or employer gave you a fob or card, it was difficult to obtain extras and almost impossible if they limited the amount given out. Lost or broken fobs could cost you over $100 to replace.


Today, we can copy or clone your RFID card or fobs and you can make as many as you wish. Keep an extra in your other car, give one or more to family members, pet sitter, nurse or any others that should have a copy of your card. Since all your cards are the same, the reader or lock can not tell which card is the one being used. It is as if you were personally using your card even though you could be half a world away!



The information on our card or fob copies are stored in a central computer and even if you lose all your cards, we can make a new ones for you in a matter of minutes.

Keep in mind that our copies will always work just as long as the original one is still programmed into the system.



Our fobs come in a key chain fob design or a nickel sized sticker that you can adhere to your phone, clipboard or just about anything.