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No matter what ailment your mailbox is diagnosed with, The MailBox Medic can provide the proper treatment it requires.

If a small repair is needed or a total replacement is required, look no further because the MailBox Medics are here at your service.


Your mailbox is often the first thing visitors notices when driving up to your property.

Why not make a lasting impression with a nice new mailbox?

This will insure that your mail and packages are safe and secure while improving the looks in the surrounding area.


Boxes made during the last 10 years have a USPS "F" specification which calls for the strongest possible manufacturing process.

Mailbox bodies are made from aircraft grade aluminum while all attaching hardware is made of stainless steel.


Please contact us for more information about USPS regulations, pricing and availability to repair or replace your sick or outdated mailboxes.


Call today for further

information and scheduling.


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