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Why should I use a locksmith instead of a hardware store?

Since most hardware store employees are not licensed locksmiths, they are limited in the services that can provide. Locksmiths are licensed and trained professionals in the field of lock maintenance and security.

Locksmiths generally use better and more accurate machines and higher quality keys blanks too.  Our keys are much more accurate than those gotten elsewhere so that means a far greater chance of the keys working the first time.



My key broke off in the lock, what should I do?

If your key broke off in the door and you are unable to open it, we can send out a technician to remove it.

If the door is open and you are able to remove the lock, please bring the lock to our store and we can remove the broken key for you.

If the broken key is for an automobile, please call us.



Can you get me back into my car if the keys are locked inside?

Yes, we can open virtually all vehicle models. We do trunks on cars too.  Call us for more information.

Be cautious with higher end cars.  Many locksmiths and most auto club tow truck operators should not be working on these cars.

We have seen some unbelievable damage done by using these companies.



My key is really worn out, can you make me a better one?

It all depends on how old the key is and how much wear the key experienced. In most cases we can decode the key’s combination, and cut a new one to factory specs. However, some keys may be too worn out to read. For that reason we can’t offer a guarantee on any key we make from a worn out original.

We can always take a lock apart and produce an exact key.  We also have a computerized key machine that can correct inaccuracies.



Is it important to have a licensed locksmith?

Yes, absolutely! It is critical that you know who is making keys to your house or business.  All locksmiths must have a license in the state of California. In order to get a license an applicant goes through a mandatory criminal history check through the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Most "locksmiths" do NOT have a license, so do your homework when selecting one! Please see our license page and learn about fake locksmiths.



Do I really need such expensive locks? Home centers have their locks priced so much cheaper.

Not all locks are created equal. A lock that cost you $18 may hold your door closed, but it  will not have he reliability of the lock that cost $100, and that lock will not have the security features of the lock that cost $200. The answer to that really depends on many variables such as budget, the type of lock you are looking to buy, and most importantly, what you are trying to secure.

Locksmith quality locks are always much more secure than bargain priced hardware.



What is lock bumping? Can my locks really be picked?

Lock bumping is the technique of tapping a specially cut key into a lock in just such a way as to bypass its security. The technique  been around for many years, but, because of accessibility on the internet, the secret got out. Hobbyists can bump locks with ease and the tools are under $20.

Lock picking is a skill and takes lots of practice.  Most locksmiths possess this talent and fortunately, most bad guys don't.

We offer a variety of hi security products with features specifically designed to prevent lock bumping and picking.



Why should I choose you over all the other locksmiths in the area?

Because we have been around for 90 years, we finally learned how to do it right.

Combined, our staff has well over 100 years of experience and know the area as well as we know locking hardware and safes.

Most "locksmiths" listed online are mobile locksmith scammers and use fake addresses to make it look like they are your neighborhood lock shop.

They are unskilled locksmiths and very skilled crooks who will rip you off !

We are properly licensed, bonded, insured and have a large shop with 1000's of locks and other hardware.

Thousands upon thousands of fine customers have used us for their security needs....You should too !

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